Class Audition Packets 2023-2024

Class placement auditions occur in April every year. Every student who wishes to participate in a band class will be able to do so. Our students are evaluated by specialists in each instrument and report their class placement recommendations to Mr. Davis and Mr. Watkins. The audition process helps us to place your child in a class that best suits their individual needs and the needs of the program. 

For the audition, students will play as many scales as they can in three minutes. That can be one scale or twelve. The more they play, the higher they score. Scales do not need to be memorized; however, there will be bonus points for scales that are. Students will also prepare an etude assigned by the directors.  


Select your instrument below to access your audition packet.

*Percussionists will only be auditioning for Marching Band placement at this time.  Please note that all percussionists will participate in the Competition Band. Class placement will be determined after the 2021-2022 school year has commenced.