Hello band!
Please read the following very carefully as it outlines the drop-off and pick-up procedures for games that are at Freedom Field. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP AT THE MAIN FRONT GATE TO FREEDOM FIELD, which can be accessed from the main parking lot of the stadium. Please do not drop them off at the rear entrance to the stadium. Our report time for the first home game will be 5:30. Students who drive will need to park in the main parking lot as well, just not in a space marked “reserved”. Traffic will be heavy, so please plan accordingly. All students should arrived dressed-dri-fits, shorts, and tennis shoes, and have their WATER JUG! Once in the stadium, students will need to come around the home side in front of the concession stand and go to the grass area beyond the bleachers. We will send them by section to the semi to retrieve equipment. Following the game, students will not be dismissed until all equipment is loaded properly, and the band dismisses as a unit (SUDA). Students who will be picked up in front of the stadium will then be escorted to the main gate by a staff member and supervised until all students are picked up.
Please plan on the loading after the game to take at least 30 minutes. We have a lot of band and a lot of band equipment, so the process is a slow one, especially after the 1st game. Games typically end between 10:30pm and 11:00pm depending on the pace of play. It is impossible to predict an exact time, but this is a general estimate so that you can plan your evening. We can always use help in concessions and with equipment, so come out and join us if you are available! Please contact one of our booster board members if you are willing to donate your time to help out some really awesome students!

Looking forward to a GREAT Friday night!

If you are interested in helping out the BASB, please sign up to volunteer with the Black and Silver Brigade Band Boosters at games and events on @SignUpdotcom today! Charms is a thing of the past for volunteer sign up! Now we will be utilizing this free service online to coordinate our volunteers for BASB events.  You can also email our Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Deuber, at basbvolcoor@gmail.com for more information.

I have also added links and volunteer information to the website: https://hocoband.org/volunteer/

Also, please sign up for the Remind App.  Our parent remind is @basbparent.  You can join through the app itself or text 81010 and enter @basbparent.  This is a great way to keep up with announcements and info from the band!