Booster Club

The Black and Silver Brigade is a world class organization that does amazing things for the kids as they go through high school. None of it would be possible without the tireless efforts of the parents and the Booster Club. All families are encouraged to join the boosters (at no cost). The Booster Club is run by an elected executive board. If you have any questions, click on their names to send an email and they would be more than happy to assist you.

Kay Hanson

Have you met Kay yet?  If not, your student has.  Kay is around the band all the time.  Handing out food, fitting students for uniforms, selling swag, and doing anything we need.  So if there is anything you need, she'll gladly make time for you!  Just reach out. 

Susy Friesen

We know so many families want to to help!   Have you still not found your niche?  That's ok!  Reach out to Susy and she can help find you a place in this big band family.  She also coordinates all our truck sponsors.  Do you have a company that would like to sponsor the band and be displayed on the semi and website.  Let her know!  Also, if you need the hookup on swag, she's got what you need!  

Mike Huber

Have questions about your students account? Is your charms statement looking weird? Worried about payments being late? Mike is the guy for you!! Email him and he will help. 

Carol Hamilton

Need help with band trip plans?  Wanna get more info on how to help with Ms HOCO?  Feeling lost on general band needs, ask Carol! She can direct you to the right person or get you plugged in. 

Amber and Derek Strawn
Ways and Means

If you want to save money on band fees or help fund your students trips, Amber and Derek are the people you need to meet!  They give up so much time to run the concession stand at each home game along with build a plan for an entire year of fundraising.  They can help with about anything you need.  

Naura Rivera

Did you miss the booster meetings?  Naura can make sure you get what you missed.  She can also provide you with future plans for the band and dates you can help.  Send her an email or find her wandering around.  She'll gladly chit chat and make sure you feel welcome!