Who to contact about uniforms questions?


How do I clean my jacket?

You don’t. Find a uniform mom and show her the concern and she will either explain what steps are needed or she will see that it gets to the dry cleaners.

Can I take my uniform home?

Certain items are your responsibility. Bibber, shoes, socks, and dry-fit stay with you. Your hat, gloves, and plume stay in your hat box in the uniform room along with your jacket.


How can I help?

Visit the calendar page and select the hand icon to sign up for events. Also check out Facebook to see request not in charms.

Is my background still valid?

You can check with the front office or we can check for you. Just submit a request here.

How can I turn in a new background check?

Fill out this form and send it to the front office or have your student turn it into their band class teacher.


Why are we having a fundraiser?

Throughout the year the Houston County Band will conduct various fund-raising activities to help cover the expenses associated with student fees and general band operations. Fund-raisers may include sales of onions, fruit, coke products, pretzels, or other products.

What are the funds used for?

Funds raised by the students are either applied to the individual student accounts to offset their annual band fees, or added to the Band Booster general fund to support purchase of new equipment and band operations (such as transportation and uniform cleaning). The specific plan for funds application will vary between each fund-raising activity.

How do we get information about fundraising events?

All fundraisers are discussed in detail during monthly Band Booster meetings. Information is also provided to the students at school, through e-mail, and through posts on the Black and Silver Brigade Facebook page.

When are the orders dues?

Order due dates for each fund-raising activity will be clearly indicated on the associated order form.

Can I get a little more time to sell or turn forms in?

Unfortunately, in order to meet vendor supply deadlines, we are not able to extend additional time to students for late turn-in of order forms.

How many pieces of fruit / onions are in a bag? How large are the fruit / onions?

All produce is ordered and received based on weight, not size or number. We cannot accurately predict how many individual pieces will be in a ten-pound bag. The suppliers arrange to harvest and ship orders to the band on a schedule that provides the freshest produce possible.

When do we pick up our stuff?

Order pick up dates will be clearly indicated on the associated order form. If applicable, order pick-up times and locations will also be announced through e-mail from the Band Boosters.

Do we really have to pick it up then?

Yes, it is your responsibility to collect your orders on the designated date / time. The band is unable to store excess or left-over inventory for late pick up. Timely and complete distribution of produce is necessary to avoid spoilage and waste.

Who delivers the stuff to the customers?

It is your student’s responsibility to delivery orders (onions, fruit, coke products, etc.) to their customers.

What if I don’t want to sell anything?

Although these fund-raisers offer and excellent way to help reduce your overall cost of band participation, we realize that not everyone wants to, or has the time, to sell things. Participation is NOT mandatory. If you don’t want to sell, but still want to support the Black and Silver Brigade, you are always welcome to make donations to the Band Booster Association. We welcome and appreciate your support!

New Student / Freshman

Do I have to pay for football fees and comp fees if I make comp band?

No! You only pay one set of fees. Football OR Comp fees, not both.


Who can I talk to if I don’t understand my bill?

Either Treasurer will be glad to help you. See Booster tab for those peoples email addresses.