Additional Staff

Amelia Walker

Medical Staff

Amelia Walker, alumni of Houston County High School, I am also the Med Tech of HCHS. Working with adolescents has always been my passion. I have Masters in Psychology. This is a very exciting year for HCHS band and look forward to assisting them with any medical attention and guidance they may need. Go Bears!

Melissa Jones

School Staff

Tara Elderkin

School Staff

I am a mom of four awesome children and a wife to my amazing husband, Clark. I have degrees in General Business and Business Management, a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, and a Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology. I have teaching certifications in twelve different areas including Special Education, secondary Mathematics, and Instructional Technology, and safety certifications in first aid, CPR, and AED.

I am a former band member myself and absolutely love working with the marching band. By day, I am an Interrelated Mathematics teacher at Houston County High School. In the afternoons, evenings, and weekends, I transform into whatever Davis and Ingram need me to be. I am responsible for everything from med forms to attendance to bus rosters to popsicle Thursday. As long as it is possible, wherever the students are, that’s where I will be.