We understand the feeling of “OH NO . . . not another fundraiser” or “UH-OH . . . when was I to pick up that fundraiser?” For this reason, we have created an option to support our students, directors, and program by participating in a buyout and not feeling any pressure about participating in our various fundraisers.

For those who do not have the time or the resources with which to sell fundraisers, we have something for you:  The Buy-Out option. The buyout cost is a minimum contribution of $125 per family with 100% going to the Band Boosters to help students and teachers in the classroom and provide other fun opportunities for the program.

Please understand, you will still receive all the Band Boosters fundraising fliers, but that is only if you want to make a personal purchase because you want the item(s) yourself but again, NO OBLIGATION!

Your participation in band fundraisers help fund: marching instruction, LGPE guest instructors and judges, purchase of sheet music, instruments and instrument repair, administration supplies, and transportation for marching band and other performances.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the buy-out, please feel free to contact Christina Sullivan at hocobandpres@gmail.com.  Thank you in advance for your support. Your support directly benefits the students of the HCHS Band Program! 

If our band students and directors are the heart and soul of our organization, our volunteers are the lifeblood. We depend on our volunteers to help at every event the band participates in to be successful. To provide you with a guide as to how much your service is needed, we put together a point system that helps quantify how much you are contributing as well as the level of involvement of the volunteer task. We ask that each band family have a goal of earning 25 volunteer points for the year. We welcome you to go above and beyond that! Each family can accumulate points by volunteering at various band events during the season and attending Booster Meetings. A minimum of 25 points must be earned to attain $30 credit towards their band fees. Points can be accumulated beginning (6/1/2022) until (4/30/2023) of the following year.

Hello Band Family!

Band Camp Volunteers Needed!!!


We will need volunteers July 18-21 and July 25-29 during competition & football band camp. For the morning and evening slots, you’ll be helping keep an eye on the kids on the field and refilling the water coolers (what we refer to as pumpkins). For the lunch slots, you’ll be helping our meal coordinator with lunch on those days. We will be needing uniform helpers from 1 to 4 on July 18 -21 to help with uniform fittings. If you are willing to help, please visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0A48ACAD28A5FA7-band

Thank you so much!

Thank you to all who auditioned!  These are always hard decisions to make!  Please understand that these decisions are made to ensure the success and enjoyment of the program for all who are involved.

Please make sure that you complete the Google Form as soon as possible.  Also, remember that marching deposits are due on May 13.  If you are listed in the comp band, but are only planning to do football band, please let me know immediately.  Also, If your name is not on any list, comp or football band, I need to know that as well!  Mistakes happen, especially with this many students and we do not want anyone to be left out!  Jay.davis@hcbe.net.